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Because of the pandemic, the old ten year China visa is not cancelled but temporarily suspended, and the consulate now issues new ten year multiple entrance M visa for business travelers that have an invitation letter from a partner company in China; Q visa to people that want to visit their families in China; and R visa that have invitation letters from a partner company in China, and an approval letter  by a China provincial government Foreign Expert Bureau.

We help people to get visas. The application form is changed to online at:

China Visa online application form.

The new application form asks for more information from the applicant and is substantially more complicated than the old form.  We are familiar with the new application procedure and can give you help.  If you want to apply for a visa, please come to our office and use our on site computers to fill in the online application form, we will give you step by step guidance to make the process smoother.

After finish the online application form and print it out, you need make an appointment for the application material submission.  Them you have to use the online AVAS to reserve an appointment.

Appointment for Visa Application Submission Form

Invitation Letter

Please call 408-257-9750 for the detail.

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